Gabby and Shannon Smith, the ones responsible for the insanity here at Weird Dragon Music & More, seen here in their natural state…..relaxed!

Gabby was a massage therapist before the Dragon claimed her for his own. She now wrangles cats in her spare time, while keeping the rest of us in line. Now known as “Mama Dragon” you will enjoy getting to know her here at the store.

Shannon on the other hand is the one responsible for starting the insanity. He began taking guitar lessons with his daughter Rae, before life took an odd turn. With a BS and a Masters in Internet Marketing and Graphic Design, he was obviously destined to own a guitar store.

Follow him and the rest of the Weirdo’s for the continuing adventures in music, art and insanity.

Rae started to play guitar at 13, and found that music is where her soul resides. Singer, piano player and guitar player is where her passion is at. Teaching little ones is her fun and joy. Bringing music into young lives makes her happy to say the least. Come check her out at the store when you can. Maybe you can get a micro concert!

Playing guitar for the last 13 years, RayDD has expanded his skill set to ukulele, bass and drums. As his ability with guitar grew, he NEEDED to learn how the guitar worked as well as how to repair what he did to his instrument when goofing around. Repairing his guitar lead to his love of the work itself.

Being classically trained on guitar helped expand his love of music. So if you want to learn…. ANY style of guitar playing RayDD can teach you, show you new ideas or get you to that next level so YOU can play the style you want.

With so much music in the world, there HAS to be someone that can make sure your instrument is in tip top condition to play it. Tim is the man for this plan. He has been working on guitars for as long as we’ve known him and according to his wife a crazed collector of the same. You know your collection is getting out of hand when you start using your friends house to store the overflow.

RayDD, Tim Landon and Shannon Smith. Three of the craziest people you’ll meet. That’s not to say they need to be committed, but close enough. 🙂 if it plays music on strings they will do whatever they need to to get the instrument to sound its best. We have seen them build a guitar out of a 2×4 and a spare neck and pickup. RayDD did the most work on that one, but Shannon helped out with some plexiglass parts and Tim gave running commentary as to why some step had to be taken in order for the guitar to work the right way. Always fun here….