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1/2 hour
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1 hour
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Three Month
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More packages, including One (1) hour sessions, available.

While you can get lessons one at a time, just to get that little extra push to get past that nagging technique you have been trying for months to master, or by the month. We have the right program for you.

Our monthly students enjoy 4/5 1/2 hour lessons a month (depending on how many weeks there are in the month) plus membership in our V.I.D. Program. (Very Important Dragons) This entitles the student to 15% off any merchandise in the store! (besides consignment items) and one of our Stylish WeirD Dragon T-shirts!

Set Ups

Who needs a set-up on their guitar?

  • Got a new guitar from one of those big box stores?
  • Do you have a guitar with action a bit to high for you?
  • Is the Intonation not quite right?

These are good reasons to have a set up done.

Here are some of the items taken care of with this service:

  • Acoustic Guitar Setup Truss Rod Adjustment
  • Guitar Saddle Adjustment
  • Guitar Bridge Adjustment
  • Electric Guitar Action Height
  • Acoustic Guitar Action Height


There are many more steps in a proper setup, but these are a few of them. Want to know more about the set up process? Check out the “Dragons Den” where we talk about this subject and many others. You never know what we will talk about in there!!

violin bass gitar setups

Make it Work

It wont be a pretty Job, but it will work. This service is all about getting to the Gig on time and being able to perform. Quick fixes to get you up and running until you can bring it back in and do the service the right way and be ready for the next gig. Here is a short list of what can be done to get it up and running:

  • Quick Solder of broken wires
  • Knob Replacement
  • Tuning Head Replaced
  • and many more small items to get you back in fighting shape!

Gremlin Exorcism

With this, we go thru all the electrical components and remove any issues like:

  • Buzz
  • Crackling
  • Grounding Issues
  • Muted Pick ups


(Of course any parts are extra!)

Our Wizards find and destroy Gremlins and other beasties!

Fret Level

Level the Frets and Polish The Finger Board.  Simple as that…..NOT! Fret leveling is a bit of a time consuming action, and it needs to be done right. We make sure of that.

Worn Frets can be a large issue with your playing, and the guitars health. Get them fixed up with a Fret level!
Mods / Repairs

Mods. What are they? well here is a small list, and by no way all there is to be done to a guitar.

  • Kill Switch install
  • Pickup Upgrades/down grades
  • Filter install
  • Pot Upgrades
  • Switch Upgrades


There are sooooo many ways to mod a guitar. Your imagination is the limit.

Guitars Bass repairs

Custom Pick Guards

Need a snazzy new pick guard? Something that doesn’t say “Hi. I’m a stock guitar.” We can do this for you. with a wide verity of colors and materials we can do that for you.

Pick Guard materials, custom pick guards

Custom Paint Job

Black and White guitars are boring. Even the normal starburst pattern or tobacco burst can get stale over the years. We can do a custom paint job to bring new life to your favorite ax. From abstract to airbrush work. We got ‘cha!

BC Rich Custom Paint Job


A new set of strings is one of the best ways to improve your tone. You might want to switch types of strings (Coated or not, different materials or gauge) and dont have the time to do it for yourself or you might never have done it on your own. Don’t worry, we can do it for you, and you dont have to wait for 2 or 3 days to get it done. We will do it for you while you wait!

Being Ernie Ball Dealers we carry a whole line of their strings, and other products.



Wither it’s a complete rebuild or a kit build, we can do it for you. From the ground up or just re-doing what’s already there, we can get you rockin’ fast enough.